Pilot Project

In 2011, a pilot project on DAJ programmes was carried out at the following community:

Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Pandan B, Ampang, Selangor

The community comprises three (3) housing estates that include Taman Sri Angsana Hilir, Kampung Pandan Dalam and Flat Ampang. It consists of 1,260 houses with an estimated 6,900 residents (Kampung Pandan Sector B).

Community Day under Program Harapan

In relation to the objective of supporting the improvement and development of the community, Program Harapan under the auspices of DAJ had successfully organised its first community event which is the Community Day and “Majlis Berkhatan Beramai-Ramai 1432H/ 2011” with the cooperation of the Jawatankuasa Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Pandan B, Ampang, Selangor on 20th November 2011 at Kampung Pandan Dalam, Ampang. 45 children participated in the mass circumcision event, aged between 4 and 10 years old.

DAJ enlisted the assistance of Al Islam Specialist Hospital for the circumcision of the children in the area. Several organisations such as Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM), GIATMARA, Syarikat Jaminan Kredit Perumahan (SJKP) and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) participated in the event by setting up booths to introduce their products and services that can benefit the Kampung Pandan residents. Aside from that, DAJ also opened up a Charity Sale booth and an Educational Support booth under the DAJ educational support programme, which shared the past and future activities for the students in the area.

More activities and events have been planned under Program Harapan to support other communities. We are always in search of continuous assistance to sustain this noble effort to help improve the living conditions of the communities in Malaysia.



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