The aim of the Food Bank Programme is to;

a. Establish a Food Bank which solicits, collects, stores, repackages and distributes large quantities of food and other basic need items to selected recipients; and

b. Encourage donors to contribute to the program and continue creating awareness to the society and corporate bodies on DAJ’s existence in Malaysia.


Target Group

a. Low income family with many children

b. Senior citizens with no source of income and only depend on Zakat, as well contribution from their children and neighbours

c. Single parent raising their children on their own and struggling by working more hours for a meager income.



a. Run a validation process by visiting the registered members' houses

b. Conduct monthly food drive and get more donors to enroll in the programme


The Foodbank team preparing the goodie bags filled with basic necessity food like sugar, rice, milk, flour and cooking oil to be distributed to the urban poor at Kampung Pandan Sektor B.



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